Thursday, April 14, 2005

This is 15-Minutes: The Mightier Pen

A friend of mine wrote about writing stories based on our friends. The catch is that it has to be written in fifteen minutes or less. Why not?

For this one, the rules followed were:
The basic plot was thought of beforehand.
Spelling and basic grammar was corrected after.
No rephrasing or rewording.

Fred awoke to the needles of morning light piercing into his eyelids. He took a deep breath and groaned out his futile denial of the day’s arrival.

He sat up on the bed and reached for his pack of cigarettes on the window sill. He lit up, took a long drag, and watched the smoke snake its way through his exhausted vision.

He felt so tired. What time did he go to bed, he unsuccessfully tried to
recall. It wasn’t like he was out all night. Not last night at any rate. He just dropped of his girlfriend Shannon at her place then went on home.

He had a deadline to meet today with his editor. The old man was waiting for a chapter on mysterious deaths. Fred just wrote something about a couple found dead after watching a complete Star Trek series. One of his friends, Chris, a real Trekie, just got a batch of DVDs. So Fred just wrote off that.

He winced as his phone rang. He felt numb shortly after. Chris and his wife were found barely alive in their den, almost dead from asphyxiation.

The cigarette dropped to the floor unnoticed.

Not at all original, but I think I'll do this more often.


banzai cat said...

Yay! Nice to see you've picked up the pen again. :-)

Good atmospheric writing here too. Anyone we know? ;-)

Hobbes said...

Who do you know named Frederick and Christopher.

banzai cat said...

*palm to head*

Ngek! Oo nga. Though never knew him to be a Trekkie.

Hobbes said...

He mentioned that in his own blog that you commented on, right?

Anyway, I can look for other albums if you want, but I have Apple's Tidal and McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, Surfacing, and Afterglow back home if you want.

Rhochie said...
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Rhochie said...

Man, now I'm a Trekkie... a voodoo master Trekkie. Well, I do love sci-fi stuff: Asimov to Zelazny. And like I said before, "I like to watch." ;)

banzai cat said...

Hah! I knew it... a guy can watch lotsa Star Trek but that doesn't mean he's a Trekkie.

Now if we were talking about Ryan... ;-)

Ryan said...

ah my virtual life. living vicariously through characters on the telly. but seriously, i haven't seen most of enterprise and some DS9 .
i go to and cross out the episodes i've watched just to keep track. what a nerd.

banzai cat said...

But you're CoolRyanSavage! 8-O

Ryan said...

ah, separating reality from fantasy. that reminds me of the reality tv shows i watch